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Property Managers web application
  • Manage your estate from your smartphone/Laptop.

  • Have a well structured database covering all events and activities carried out.

  • All the features from the E-estates mobile app available on the WEB.

  • Receive real-time push notifications for updates.

  • Respond to messages, complaints and service requests and more.

  • Maintain effective communication with the estates on the go at any time.

special offers
Broadcast Mesages

Easily broadcast announcements for scheduled maintenance, events and emergencies to all residents via email, SMS or push notifications.

Complaint requests

Receive complaints or inquiries via the app in real time and respond immediately, giving them a stated time till their complaint is resolved

Emergency Services

Three step notofication ensures the estate would be notified at multiple times in the case of a reported emergency, until it has been marked as being resolved on the web app..

Bill Payments

Option to make bill payments via the mobile application with instant deposits into the estate admin accounts.

Access to Optimized Database.

Get access to all your community files easily from anywhere at anytime. No more paper, emails and lost documents.

Flexible Payment Plans

Flexible payment and billing process for estates. We are bringing the convenience to you for an affordable fee

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